Events, Reviews, and Interviews

2/3/2019: Nostos Literary Journal Reading at Copperfield’s Books, 850 4th Street, San Rafael, California 94901. With Rebecca Foust, Troy Jollimore, Heather Altfeld, David Rollison, James Tipton, Keleigh Friedrich, and others.

3/1/2019: Led Poetry Workshop at San Francisco State University, Women & Gender Studies Department.

5/5/2019: Interviewed by Elm Leaves Journal,

6/1/2019: Multi-Generational Poetry Reading, Corte Madera Town Center Community Room.

5/1/2020: Interviewed by Peculiar Journal,

5/9/2020: 7 Sisters Book Club Reading (via Zoom).

11/9/2020: Sundress Reads: A Review of Every Possible Thing,

1/31/2021: Tulsa Glitterary Zoom Poetry Reading (Karen Poppy, featured poet, followed by conversation with Steve Bellin-Oka),

2/1/2021: Rivertown Poets Zoom Poetry Reading (Susan Gunter and Karen Poppy, featured poets).

2/5/2021: Blue Light at the Gallery Zoom Poetry Reading, MSA Art Centre (one of the featured poets),

2/21/2021: One Hour/Five Poets Zoom Poetry Reading (one of the featured poets),

5/5/2021: Wednesday Night Poetry (open mic),

4/21/2021: Wednesday Night Poetry (one of the featured poets),

6/29/2021: Cultivating Voices Poetry Reading for Pride,

8/10/2021: The Boutelle-Day Poetry Center at Smith College, Alum Reading Series,

8/29/2021: Cultivating Voices Live Presents “Fog and Light” (at 51:10 of the video)

11/18/2021: Review of Our Own Beautiful Brutality,

4/12/2022: Poetry Online Radio Interview,

4/15/2022: Sundress Reads: A Review of Crack Open/Emergency,