Karen Poppy has work published or forthcoming as detailed below. Her poems, “Austria by Train” and “Walt Whitman Celebrates Himself,” are included under Holocaust Poetry in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Library and Archives in Washington D.C. She has recently compiled her first collection of poetry, written her first novel, and is at work on her second poetry collection and second novel. Karen Poppy is an attorney licensed in California and Texas. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

List of Publications (in reverse chronological order):



  • Hinchas de Poesía  (“El ritmo de la muerte,” Issue #23, forthcoming)
  • SLANT (“Story I Told My Son (and Truths He Told Me),” May/June 2019)
  • Martin Lake Journal (“Volcanic,” forthcoming)
  • Blue Nib Magazine (“In Case of Emergency,” “The Trail He Made In the Snow,” “Concho,” and “Your Loss, My Imperfection,” forthcoming: Issue 37, March 15, 2019)
  • Tokyo Poetry Journal (“Truth Flashes,” forthcoming)
  • peculiar (“Sonoma Wildfire” and “Defining,” forthcoming)
  • Poeming Pigeon – Sports Themed Issue (“What I Do,” forthcoming)
  • Blue Unicorn (“Winter’s Song in Spring” and “Coyotes,” forthcoming)
  • Poetry Quarterly (“One Among Us,” Issue 35, January 2019:
  • Poetrybay (“Ode to a Gershwin Tune,” January 21, 2019:




Short Story Anthology (Bold Strokes Books) (“Battle of the Bands over Desperation Pie,” under pen name Ina Brix, January 2019:


The Dreamers Anthology: Writing Inspired by Martin Luther King Jr and Anne Frank (Beautiful Cadaver Project Pittsburgh) (Epistolary piece about Anne Frank, February 2019)

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